Two-component urethane type product is used by mixing urethane and a hardener, and can be cured at room temperature or by heat.

Its typical application is circuit protection and waterproofing in various electronic device and automotive components where high durability is needed.
It can be developed and customized to meet customer’s demands.


Auto-electronic components, sensors, and electronic component cases. (potting, coating, molding, casting, etc.)

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T.I Hard
Cure Condition 비고
PT-30PU A: 3,000
B: 150
A50 C8 72hrs @25℃
Room temperature curing
PT-401LV A: 300
B: 4,000
A70 C8 24hrs @25℃
Room temperature curing
PT-80 A: 4,000
B: 200
A65 C8 72hrs @25℃
Room temperature curing