Two-compound epoxy consists of resin and hardener.
Before apply it needs to be mixed by designated ration of resin and hardener.
Can be cured both at room temperature and heat cure.

Highly reliable that has excellent performance in chemical, heat, vibration and moisture resistance.
Can be developed and customized to meet customer’s demands.


Potting, molding, casting, encapsulating and bonding for various sensors, automotive electronic components, condensers in general industries, and electronic industries. etc.

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T.I Hard
Cure Condition 비고
EP-930AB A: 4,000
B: 200
D80 90 24hrs @25℃
Room temperature curing
PT-100SF A: 20,000
B: 20,000
D55 30 24hrs @25℃
Room temperature curing
PT-178 A: 30,000
B: 25,000
D70 50 24hrs @25℃
Room temperature curing
PT-2800HT A: 5,500
B: 35,000
D90 160 2hrs @130℃
Convection oven
PT-328 A: 5,000
B: 300
D80 55 24hrs @25℃
Room temperature curing
PT-680BL A: 15,000
B: 300
D85 57 24hrs @25℃
Room temperature curing